Friday, August 18, 2006

Last weekend

Here are some random photos from last weekend, when me and the family went to our cottage, near Newtown in the middle of Wales.

Had a few trout between us on the Severn, I had 4 brownies in total, my brothers had a fair few and so did the old man.

Also had a look at a lake up in the hills, which was dead (according to the signs it was too acidic due to the underlying stone) but it was pretty nontheless.

Also noticed some funny small patches of Astroturf fixed to the ground with plastic pegs near Llandinham on the Severn. Any ideas?

Visited the Clewddog dam which was in full flow letting the water out to feed the Severn which was high, given it hasnt rained for ages. It was also cold, as the water comes from the bottom of a huge deep reservoir.

Here's the website


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